Associazione Attiva-Mente, in partnership with Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego, is pleased to present you “Let’s do it Together”, a ESC Volunteering Activity that will take place in Modica from March 31st to May 1st, 2022. This project will involve 10 volunteers from Poland, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

This ESC experience will require the volunteers to develop social and civic skills on several frameworks as Youth involvement, Intercultural and Interreligious dialogue, Participation through Web-Radio and Refugee welcoming.

By participating to this project, each volunteer will have the opportunity to get in touch with young students aged 16-25 and involve them in workshops based on non-formal education, on anti-bullying and anti-discrimination issues. They will also work with Young Refugees aged 14-18, in order to get in touch with their culture and contrasts stereotypes and prejudice on migrant issues. This experience will also give the volunteers the opportunity to get to know how to manage a Web Radio and boost their own participation, involving a broad audience and involving their own communities.

The project aims to:

  • Provide the chance of an opportunity to better understand migration issues and the role of volunteers in creating acceptance and understanding with the refugees/asylum seekers and migrants;
  • Enable young people to make a change in the society in which they operate, by empowering social skills and youth leadership with the local context;
    participate and create opinions by using a web radio, learning to communicate using a non violent approach ;
  • Give young people tools and methods to realize concrete and inclusive actions in their community of reference;
  • Raise awareness about cultural differences connected to the phenomena of bullying, especially at high schools.

These objectives will be achieved through methods of non formal education, which will give the volunteers the opportunity to learn how to facilitate workshops and promote social changes by being peer educator.

In order to empower their chances of integration, they volunteers will attend 2 hours per week of Italian classes.

Two mentors will be provided and assigned to each volunteer, in order to:

  • provide individual support in crises and integration within the local community;
  • enhance volunteers’ self esteem;
  • taking care for their health issues;
  • be introduced to local traditions and customs.

The project will involve 2 volunteers from each partner organisation, for a total of 10. In particular, we are looking for:

  • Young people aged between 18 and 30, male and female in the most equal proportion as possible;
  • People interested in the topic of migrant issues, cultural differences, tolerance, diversity;
  • People who are interested in developing skills regarding media creation and/or peer education training skills;
  • Young people with fewer opportunities (one for each group, with economic obstacles, disability (visual impairment, mobility difficulties).

The volunteers will be hosted in 2 houses, in a number of 5 for each accomodation. The houses have all the necessary comforts, including complete kitchens to prepare and enjoy meals, bathrooms and comfortable living rooms.

Each participant will receive a pocket money of € 200 for their living and socialisation expenses.

To have a safe and easy entry in Italy, it is important to:

  • Fill in the Digital Passenger Locator Form (you can find the form here: );
  • Get a Green Pass that shows that: you completed the anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination cycle since at least 14 days/you recovered from COVID-1
  •  have taken a negative molecular or antigen swab test respectively 24 hours and 48 hours prior to entering Italy. This cost will be reimbursed for €130 (both ways).

Travel costs will be reimbursed in the maximum following amounts:

  • Ukraine: 360€ each volunteer
  • Poland: 275€ each volunteer
  • Bulgaria: 275€ each volunteer
  • Cyprus: 275€ each volunteer.

To participate, please send a copy of you ID/Passport together with your Curriculum Vitae and Motivation Letter to [email protected], no later than the 28 of February, 2022. Subsequently, the candidates will be contacted by their organisation of reference for an interview.