Associazione Attiva-Mente, in cooperation with Ukrainian NGO Stella, stands with Ukrainian Young People for their participation in Erasmus+ Projects.

Putin’s invasion will not stop the participation of young people coming from Ukraine in Erasmus+ projects.

We are looking for Ukrainian participants for different projects. One of the closest in terms of dates is Think Green. Think green is a project about Ecology, with the aim to give to young people the opportunity to discuss about what are the best ideas and solutions to make their society more “green”. It will take place from the 13th to the 20th of May in Pachino, a small city in Sicily (travel days 12th and 21st of May).

If you are a young Ukrainian who has already crossed the border and you are looking for a safe place to stay, contact us or NGO Stella. We can provide for travel costs and different expenses for your travel. The participation to this project also grants you three free meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), a bed and some company for the whole duration of the project.

We are with you, Ukrainian youth.

Please, fill in this form if interested.

Think Green – Infopack